Logika provides complete turnkey systems including hardware, software and installation.

These include:

Blast Furnace

  • Torpedo Car Positioning
  • Temperature Measurement at Tap Hole
  • Stove Dome temperature measurement

Continuous Casting

  • Tundish Metal temperature
  • Slab / Billet / Bloom temperature
  • Cut to Length for Slab and Billet
  • Casting temperature
  • Casting Velocity in Real Time
  • Slab Width, Thickness and Length measurement
  • Skew/Centering Control


  • Positioning of Ladle
  • Temperature measurement  at Ladle Pre-Heater
  • Temperature measurement at Spray Chamber

Hot Rolling Mill

  • Slab or Billet Alignment on entry to Reheat Furnace
  • Slab or Billet Width measurement on exit from Reheat Furnace
  • Slab or Billet Video monitoring inside the reheat furnace
  • Slab or Billet Detection inside the reheat furnace
  • Edge Positioning and Coil Centering

Cold Rolling Mill

  • Width Measurement
  • Coil Diameter measurement
  • Coil weighing system
  • Strip Centering
  • Weld Seam/Hole Detection
  • Laser Loop Scanner/control


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