PMP-716Portable Two Color Pyrometer

The PMP716 portable non contact pyrometer is designed exclusively for use in high temperature metal industries, our instrument is calibrated to function with the highest accuracy under harsh conditions. This one sensor can be utilized from the caster to the coiling of sheet. The PMP716 can accurately measure the surface temperature of liquid metals, slabs, billets, blooms, bars and wire rod. It is specially designed to reduce reading errors by compensating for factors such as emissivity, dust, mist, scale or obstructions in the field of view. This compact portable sensor is an invaluable troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for steel making and rolling engineers.


  • Power input:  9V battery or supplied AC/DC power supply
  • Output: RS232, 9600bit, no parity check
  • Temperature reading range: 700°C to 1600°C customizable range
  • Response Time: 100ms
  • Alarm Function: Upper and lower temperature alarms
  • Optical Resolution: D/S=90:1 (D=Distance/S=Target Diameter)


  • Red aiming laser
  • Data Logging – 1000 data point internal memory with date/time stamp
  • RS232 serial port communication
  • back-lit 48*84 liquid crystal display
  • User selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit measurement
  • User selectable upper and lower limit alarms
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% full scale
  • Response time: <100ms
  • Single or dual wavelength mode selectable
  • User selectable emissivity for non steel applications
  • 4 sampling modes real-time, maximum temp, minimum temp and average temp
  • Non-contact temperature measurement.