OB-VTOptical Barrier - Visible Through-Beam

Logika’s visible laser through-beam optical barrier is designed for automation of steel, aluminum and other metal production lines. The OB-VT targets objects with a minimum diameter >30mm over a distance of up to 50m. This optical barrier is used primarily to detect hot and cold metals. Typical applications include: dummy bar detection, thin plate, billet and slab.


  • Power input:  24VDC or 110VAC ±10%  or 220VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: Relay NO/NC @ 5A <20ms , PNP/NPN @ 100mA <ms
  • Target size: Opaque object >30mmØ
  • Detection range: 0.5 -50m


  • Compact and easy to install in difficult locations
  • Can be used on hot/cold steel or other opaque targets
  • Visible class 3b laser to facilitate aligning the sensor with the process target and receiver
  • Insensitivity to ambient light with anti light jamming capability of 1000lux
  • status indicator lights
  • Standard equipment includes IP66 mill duty water cooled housing
  • High repeatability and service life
  • Signal strength indicator