OB-VROptical Barrier - Visible Laser/Reflector

Logika’s visible laser optical barrier (OB-VR) is designed for automation of steel, aluminium and other metal mill production lines.  This optical barrier is used primarily to detect hot and cold metals.  Typical applications include dummy bar detection, thin plate, billet and slab.

The OB-VR uses a high powered modulated laser as the light source. The reflector returns the laser light to the optical barrier where it is converted to an electrical signal.  The reflector can operate in temperatures as high as 250˚C (480˚F).


  • Power input:  24VDC or 110VAC ±10%  or 220VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: Relay NO/NC @ 5A, PNP/NPN @ 100mA
  • Target size: Opaque object >50mmØ
  • Detection range: 0.5 -30m
  • Response time: 20ms


  • Compact and easy to install in difficult locations
  • Can be used on hot/cold steel or other opaque targets
  • Visible aiming laser to facilitate aligning the sensor with the process target and reflector
  • Insensitivity to ambient light
  • Process status indicator lights
  • Standard equipment includes IP66 mill duty water cooled housing
  • High repeatability and service life
  • Signal strength alarm