OB-ITPFHigh Power Furnace Optical Barrier

The Logika ITPF Optical barrier – is an acronym for Infrared – Through Beam – Power – Fiber Optic. While it has been specially designed to detect product presence in the inhospitable environment of a high temperature furnace it can be used in many presence detection applications where the following conditions exist: high temperature, poor environment, high concentrations of airborne particulate and long distances. The ITPF is composed of a high power pulsed infrared laser, which is connected to emitter and receiver lenses with armored fiber optic cables. This modular design allows for easy commissioning and alignment while ensuring that the lenses can be installed at a safe working distance from direct heat.


  • Power input:  24VDC or 110VAC or 220VAC
  • Output: Relay NO/NC @ 5A, PNP/NPN @ 100mA, short circuit protected
  • Minimum/Maximum target temperature: no limit
  • Target size: Opaque object >70mmØ
  • Detection range: ≤50m
  • Response time: dry Contact: ≤100 ms,  Level: ≤15ms


  • Compact and easy to install
  • Emitter and Receiver LED signal strength display
  • presence detection signal filter and amplifier
  • High repeatability and service life
  • Anti Jamming: 1000Lux
  • IP66 mill duty housing
  • Signal strength alarm
  • Optional junction boxes and custom length fiber optic cables available