Camera BasedBillet/Slab Cut To Length System.

Logika Technologies CCD cut-to-length (CTL) system is our most advanced technology to accurately measure and cut billets/slabs in a continuous caster. Non-contact and accurate; the CTL system can distinguish up to 6 strands in a billet caster and 2 strands in a slab caster and offer a cutting  accuracy of ±5 mm or better. This system can easily be implemented with minimal investment; without modifying the original installation of equipment.

Working principle: The CCD-CTL system uses dynamic image recognition technology to detect and display the status of the individual billets/slabs online.  Infrared cameras installed beside the caster accumulate field images which are stored in the computer. An Image Recognition Module (IRM) converts these analog video images into a digital signal which is identified by computer software.  This software then calculates the actual billet/slab length, speed, and position.  The flame cutting is also controlled with this system to provide accurate cut lengths.

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