• Slab continuous casting

    Slab continuous casting

    We have developed critical safety/process control systems such as tundish level measurement and dummy bar detection to actual true online non contact temperature reading of slabs aiding in avoiding dangerous and costly breakouts.

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  • Billet continous casting

    Billet continuous casting

    Our billet continuous casting applications ensures exact cut to length and speed control of your billets (from 1 to 8 strands) while providing a highly accurate billet temperature feedback ensuring process and statistical furnace information

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  • Furnace entrance

    Furnace entrance

    The critical furnace entrance area can be safely monitored and controlled for process control of entry material size including thickness, width and length. We offer systems and hardware that can correct product skew, product centering and proximity to door entry without interfering with normal operations.

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  • Billet furnace


    Employing the Furnace Camera System in tandem with a high powered optical barrier and pyrometer allows the controller to monitor the inside of the furnace and control the heating operation.

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  • Furnace exit

    Ensuring that reheated material has reached target temperatures is handled by the on-line pyrometer PM616. The high power optical barrier OB-ITPF signals the presence of product at furnace exit eliminating door strikes and ensuring timely opening and closing.

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  • Billet rolling

    Billet rolling

    From the caster to the cooling bed, our hardware and systems can provide all data related to slab and billet location, dimensions and temperature.

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  • Hot strip mill

    Hot strip mill

    At the Hot strip mill we can incorporate many of our sensors and measuring devices to afford smooth and problem free rolling through temperature, position, velocity and size control. From simple tasks such as actuating the descale water nozzles only when material is present to providing feedback for roll gap positioning and true temperature and rolling speed.

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  • Steel sheet coiling

    Steel sheet coiling

    Logika can provide systems to maintain speed control and tension as well as maximizing coil OD’s and reduce telescopicity with on-line laser measurement. Weld Hole Detectors can also be utilized for locating welds in joined coils.

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  • Annealing furnace

    Annealing furnace

    Supplying upgrades and systems for the precise control of steel from entry to exit of annealing furnaces. Our systems encompass product zone temperature monitoring to position tracking within the furnace and entry/exit proximity.

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  • Cold rolling

    Cold rolling

    For downstream processing of Steel in Cold rolling operations we have several laser measuring systems for coil diameter, width and sheet speed. We can also provide weld detection for a fail-safe method to locate and remove welds from joined coils in heat treating and coating plants.

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